How does Matnatten work?

Popular and high gastronomy at street level. Taste and experience your city's restaurants.

Equipped with a punch ticket, you walk around among the participating restaurants and get offered a taste of this year's theme, food & beverage in combination. The ticket includes a total of 10 food samples. Please note that drinks are not included, but this is something you can purchase if you wish!

Also note that the restaurants have different conditions for receiving the Matnatten guests, so the sample can be served anywhere from outside of the restaurant to a seated table inside of the restaurant. 

This year Matnatten are pleased to announce that we are expanding our event to other citys and making rounds in Helsingborg, Växjö and Kalmar in addition to Malmö och Lund. To take advantage of this arrangement it is required that you wear a personal Matknappen badge that will be checked on the restaurants. You switch your Tickster ticket for your punch ticket before you visit the restaurants. See the respective city where and when you can replace your Tickster ticket for your punch ticket.

Where do I buy my ticket?

You can buy your ticket at and this is easily done through our website. After you have bought your ticket you will recive the ticket via email and then you can replace it with an punch card for your specific round.

What does my ticket include?

Your ticket includes a round to 10 selected restaurants. At the variouse restaurants you will get one taste a place. Please note that beverages are not included but is easily bought at the restaurants if that would be desired.

Where do I pick up my punch card?

In order to enjoy the evening, you first havet o replace youre purchased ticket for the punsch card so that the restaurants know that you are a guest of the event. You will be able to do this at a specified location that will be presented at a later date in each city.

How do I know what restaurants are included in my ticket?

By clicking on your chosen city you can see which restaurants are included in every town.

How do I travel between the restaurants?

At this event you not only get the opportunity to test 10 different restaurants, but also see the beautiful coty you have chosen. You can walk between the restaurants or take the bike if you feel like it. Only your imagination sets the limits.