For the Restaurants

Who are the guest?

Touristing foodies, experienced and inexperienced restaurant visitors of all ages. Once at your restaurant the guest is equipped with a punch ticket which you check of, many visitors also wear a Matknappen badge so that you will recognize them.

Enjoy the meal!

You offer your restaurant's signature dish and perhaps through this a new foodies is born when you share your culinary expertise. The taste samples should be at least 40 grams and along with this you serve a suitable drink in a slightly smaller glass at a reasonable price.


Perhaps you have a close relationship with a beverage supplier that you would like to put in the spotlight? Invite this supplier for an extra happening this evening!


Remember to set aside space for the Matnatten guests, standing tables and barstools tend to be appreciated but not required. Guests usually stay for about 30-40 minutes and then move on to the next restaurant.

Opening hours

The opening hours of the event is 16:00-23:00

If you have any more questions please contact:

Emelie Wilander, Project Manager
076-712 69 40